Prevent & Heal | Cold Sore Treatment Pack
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Cold Sore Treatment Balm
Cold Sore Remedy Oil

Prevent & Heal | Cold Sore Treatment Pack

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For a limited time we are offering our Prevent & Heal Cold Sore Treatment Pack. This includes the following:

  • 2 x Prevent & Heal Lip Balms
  • 1 x Cold Sore Remedy Oil
  • 10 x Wooden Applicator Sticks (disposable)
  • Note - the wooden sticks will only be sent to NZ & Aus addresses, unfortunately any other overseas destination will not receive this to avoid any customs complications)
  • Free Shipping within New Zealand (excluding rural delivery)

Please choose your two preferred cold sore targeted lip balms, this can either both be Lemon Balm & Geranium or Lemon Balm & Peppermint or one of each.

This package is a great option for those looking to really get on top of their cold sore outbreaks and stop recurrent outbreaks.

 We have noticed that many of you usually get two cold sore targeted lip balms and the oil, so we have created a lovely little package for you which, also makes it more affordable and also makes a lovely gift and care package for your friends or family who suffer from cold sores.

For more information on each of the 3 products in this package please refer to the links below:

Cold Sore Treatment | Prevent & Heal | Lemon Balm & Geranium Lip Balm

Prevent & Heal | Lemon Balm & Peppermint | Cold Sore Treatment Lip Balm

Prevent & Heal | Potent Cold Sore Remedy Oil

Made with love & care in New Zealand

About Cold Sores

  • Cold sores are tiny blisters that develop on or around the lips, chin, cheeks, nose or mouth
  • Cold sores are also known as fever blisters
  • They are caused by the herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1)
  • This virus is highly contagious
  • Once you are infected the virus does not leave your body
  • The virus remains inactive until it is activated by a trigger
  • When it is activated it infects the skin cells which leads to cold sores
  • Some triggers include: excessive sunlight, fatigue, stress, cold weather, fever/cold, trauma to the area, hormonal changes, dental trauma and a weakened immune system

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