Why Yes Organics

 We do not use any fillers or cheap ingredients - no compromise on ingredients

 No nasties

 Our lip balms are 100% natural, cruelty free, GE free, organic and handcrafted in New Zealand

 Holistically crafted to nourish, moisturise, heal and protect your lips


 Internationally Acclaimed

 Premium Lip Balms at affordable prices. Unlike some brands, who try to market their lip balms as being high-end and have high pricing, yet don't actually offer much in the way of quality, Yes Organics lip balms are of the highest quality at a mid-price point. Our lip balms are not only great value for money but are holistically crafted and of premium quality and they actually work!

 4 in 1 moisturising lip balms – hydrates and helps smooth your lip's skin surface, repairs your skin's natural barrier, creates a natural barrier of protection, seals in moisture and helps heal your lips from the inside out

Winning various prestigious international awards recognises our commitment to creating some of the best natural lip balms internationally.