Charities We Support

Trees That Count 

Trees That Count are helping to create a greener New Zealand. Trees That Count aims to increase the number of native trees planted in New Zealand. More trees planted will absorb more carbon from the atmosphere, thereby reducing the negative impact of greenhouse gases on our climate and our environment.

By supporting them through donations we are able to help counter the effects of climate change, increase biodiversity, create habitat for our native birds and insects and build stronger, healthier communities.

Native Forest Restoration Trust

The Native Forest Restoration Trust is dedicated to protecting New Zealand’s native forests and wetlands. Not just for today, but for generations to come. The Trust manages over 7,000 hectares of reserves, protected forever for all New Zealanders to enjoy.

By supporting them through donations we are able to help protect our environment and NZ native forests which helps absorb carbon from the atmosphere and provide habitat for native birds and insects.

Make A Wish Foundation

Yes Organics was fortunate enough to be able to donate to Make a Wish Foundation to help make a child's wish come true in 2019. It was a blessing and we hope to continue to support them in future.

Other Donations by Yes Organics

We have donated to a women's holistic retreat in 2019 to 2021. We believe in a holistic approach towards life and we believe in helping empower people and in taking care of ones well-being.

We also helped with a fundraiser in 2019 for a girls dance team based in Silverdale Auckland.

We also support community fundraising events for Pink Ribbon.

There are two other charities that we would like to support to help make a difference! We will update this page once we are able to make our donations to them.

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