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Lip Balm Review - Yes Organics

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Yes Organics


'Handcrafted and yummy, Yes Organics Lip Balms are packed with premium oils and butters, they nourish, moisturise and rejuvenate lips beautifully and naturally. Carefully selected, each very ingredient has a purpose to create a tube of goodness that oh so really works!

Proudly made in New Zealand with love and care, Yes Organics is all about cruelty free, 100% natural and organic lip balms with no preservatives.

We use premium, fair trade, 100% natural, ethically sourced, cruelty free and certified organic (where possible) ingredients.'

Preeti from Yes Organics so kindly sent me three of her Lip Balms to photograph and try.

I love them!

Styling & Photos by FOCUS by Becky 

Yes Organics Lip Balms

I was given a Chocolicious, Lemonade and Tropical Temptation lip balm.
They all smell gorgeous, moisturise beautifully and are lovely on.
I love how their scents are exactly what you would expect and they definitely fit their names.

If you are interested in what it is that you are putting on your lips, then Yes Organics is a wonderful site for you to read. Each of their Lip Balms have information about what is in them and the benefits of each ingredient. I find this particularly interesting and learnt a LOT from reading their site. I love how they are made with organic ingredients and are 100% natural.

Chocolicious (Cocoa & Hempseed)

Well, what can I say, if you love chocolate, you are going to love this! It smells exactly like chocolate.


Lemonade (Lemon & Lime)

I love this one. The scent of the lemon and lime is so fresh.


Tropical Temptation (Coconut & Vanilla)

This one is definitely for the lovers of coconut. It is so yummy!

Coconut & Vanilla Lip Balm
Tropical Temptation

Each of the Yes Organics Lip Balms are $16.99 with a limited time offer of free shipping in NZ.

The other flavours are:

+ Citrus Splash (Orange & Tangerine)
+ Mint As (Peppermint)
+ Liquoricious (Liquorice)
+ Chocomint (Cocoa & Peppermint)

I completely recommend this beautiful NZ business!
Here are some further details:


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